Philosophy and quality


Research carried out throughout Europe confirms that the bus is currently the most environmentally friendly means of transport that we have available.
Comparing bus, train and car we see that for a medium average distance (100 km) the user of a modern bus consumes about 0.9 liters of diesel, that of the train up to 2.6 liters of diesel, while those who use ‘car gets to consume three times as much.

So traveling in a group with the bus can also be able to help the environment.

Our company, following a philosophy of development, innovation and respect for the customer and the environment, guarantees you modern and efficient veichels.

The buses (and cars) of Elle Pi Autonoleggi S.r.l. they are all of recent construction and have modern engines, which guarantee high “clean” emission standards respecting the EURO 5 and EURO 6 parameters.

All this translates into a direct advantage for the customer, since using buses with reduced pollutant parameters allows a significant saving in the costs of tourist bus-tickets and various European tolls (not motorways).